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Home > 750W electric bike kit > 700c 36V rear brushless hub motor kit
  • Convert your original bike to e-bike with leaf 700c inch 750W rear brushless hub motor electric bike conversion kit -- Rear drive.
Electric Bike Kit Detail:
* 700c alloy rim with 36 pcs 12 gauge spokes ( Tyre: 700c × 1.75 / 1.95" )
* 36V 750W rear hub motor -- brushless gearless
* 36V 9-MOSFET bldc motor controller working with LCD ( Display speed,mileage,battery gauge.. )
* Twist throttle ( Red: + 4.5V, black: GND, green: signal )
* Brake lever ( Low voltage to cut off power )
* Three button ON/OFF switches ( Control cruise,reverse,horn,front & rear lights... )
* Max speed: 29mph ( optional )
* Mechanical brake: Disk
* Install: spacing of 135mm fork
* Net Weight: 9.0kg
* 700c Rim Drawing : pdf-700c-36v-750w-rear-electric-bike-kit-rim cad-700c-36v-750w-rear-electric-bike-kit-rim edrawing-700c-36v-750w-rear-electric-bike-kit-rim --------------------- Price: $293USD
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