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  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Can't find an answer? Email us: sales@leafmotor.com

We’ve taken some time to have our experts answer your most common questions regarding the leafmotor’s products.

Q:What type of motor does Leaf have?
A:Leaf has brushless hub motor,bldc stepper motor.

Q:What type of bike conversion kit does Leaf have?
A:Leaf Motor has 250w ~ 1000w electric bike conversion kits.

Q:What type of motor controller does Leaf have?
A:Leaf has 250W-1000W brushless motor controller works with lcd which display speed,voltage,mileage etc.,has enought power to drive your hub motor.

Q:On what wheel size can it be installed?
A:It can be installed on 12",14",16",18",20", 24", 26" , 27.5“ 650B , 700c ,28" 29 inch wheel size, with standard 100mm or 135mm drop-out. Disc brake compatible.

Q:How to track my package?
A:After received your order,we will ship out your package in 1-2 days.Then you will receive a tracking number from info@leafmotor.com

Q:What about warranty?
A:One-Year Warranty for li battery and other components have two years warranty.More information,please review "Leaf Warranty and Repair".

Got other questions? » Contact us:info@leafmotor.com

We will regularly update this FAQ.


This section covers some of the issues that can occur with your Leaf Motor System, and provides all the troubleshooting steps you need, to resolve an issue yourself.

Most Common Cause

The system doesn't turn on.

Wrong connections.

1. Verify all connections to the console and to the motor are correct.
2. Pull the battery off and put it back on.

Throttle Gauge is on,but the wheel doesn't run.

1. Black Pin-3 throttle connector doens't connect well;
2. Wrong motor phase.

1. Check black Pin-3 throttle male and female connectors;
2. The phase degrees of Leafmotor controller and motor are both 120°,turn wheel with hand,then turn your throttle,the wheel may run at once.

The charger don’t charge, the yellow light don’t turn on and the fan neither.

Requires a reset.

1. Turn your charger off.
2. Unplug the charger from the wall socket and from the battery.Move the voltage selector switch back and forth several times from 230 to 115, and reset firmly to 115.
3. Turn the charge back on.