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  • Low noise,high efficiency-electric motorcycle motor from manufacturer -- Leaf Motor.
    Now this motor because of faultless is used for electric motorcycle widely.
16inch-electric-motorcycle-motor Name:16" brushless gearless motorcycle motor for electric motorcycle
This 10" casting hub suits 16×4.00" tyre.
This motor can be mounted with disc or drum brake ( optional ) that is fit for 165mm frame fork.NetWeight:11.98kg
Power: 1000W ~ 2500W ( optional )
Speed: 30 miles per hour ( optional )
BLW-16B 48V 1000W $328USD
Drawings:16inch-electric-motorcycle-motor's-edrawing 16inch-electric-motorcycle-motor's-cad-drawing 16inch-electric-motorcycle-motor's-pdf-drawing
Performance Data: 16inch-electric-motorcycle-motor's-performance-data

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