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36V 250W
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electric bike motor
36V 750W
18inch-750w-electric-hub-motor 18 inch Rear Wheel
electric bike motor
36V 750W
lithium-battery 48V 12Ah Li - ion battery for e - bike
LEV- 4812
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  • Riding an electric bike is a green form of transportation, No gasoline and exercising yourself.You could customize your own electric bicycle with e bike kit,and this bike diy can be done at home with fun.
  • Bike conversion kit usually includes an electric bike motor,a motor controller,throttle and brake lever,battery and charger is optional.The most popular electric bike kit package consists of 250 and 750 watts electric hub motor,36 volt 10 amp-hour lithium LiFePO4 battery,and 2-amp charger.
  • Electric conversion kit is gaining more popularity in Euro-American countries for its affordable price and wonderful experience.An converted e-bike can travel up to 15 to 50 miles per hour.
More Powerful..High Efficiency -- BLDC Motor for e-bike
Drive your common bike..Key Products: BLDC Motor + Brushless Motor Controller
BLDC Motor also called brushless dc motor is powered by direct-current (DC) electricity.
BLDC motor may be described as stepper motor, with fixed permanent magnets and possibly more poles on the rotor than the stator.
* 48V 800W BLDC Motor
* Brushless Motor Controller - LCD
800w-bldc-motor lcd-controller
Motor Type:Geared stepper brushless motor

Motor Model:BLD-800 48V 800W
Gear:9T / 12 T sprocket (optional)
Chain Type:420

BLDC Motor drawings:BLD-800 drawing edrawing pdf-drawing
Motor Performance data: performance-data

Used for: electric bike / tricycle
More Powerful.. Hight Efficiency..

48V 12-Pcs MOSFET brushless motor controller
* Special Features:
*.EABS System
*.1 + 1 Assistance - ( 0 - 5 )
*.Idle Running Protection
*.Motor Shaft Lock Protection
*.Regen Brake
*.Cruise Speed Control
*.Self-check Protection
*.Set Max Speed - ( 0 - 72km / 45mph )
*.Support Forward and Reverse Control
* LCD Manual: motor controller lcd manual
* Wire Diagram: bike-kit-wire-diagram
Convert your ordinary bike to electric bike
6" 8" 10" 12" 14" 16" 18" 20" 24" 26" 27.5" 650B 700c" 28" 29" bike kit
* Customize your own e-bike with leaf electric conversion kit
* 24V 250W / 36V 250W electric bike motor is fit for Australia,UK,Norway...Europe market
Motor:brushless hub motor - BIG TORQUE
Speed:25kmh with PAS should work with brushless motor controller
Rim: 6" 8" 10" 12" 14" 16" 18" 20" inch casted bike hub wheel
-----20" 24" 26" 27.5"(650B) 700c" 28" 29 inch bike rim
* 36V 750W / 48V 1000W / 1500W electric bike motor is fit for USA,Canada...North America market
Motor:bldc hub motor - LOW NOISE
Bike Rim:12" 14" 16" 18" 20 inch casted bike hub wheel
-----20" 24" 26" 27.5“(650B) 700c 28" 29 inch bike rim
BRAND NEW LEAF 2019 Version Black Lightning Brushless, Gearless hub motor kit !
electric bike motor This electric motor has the more acceleration at low end, better mid range, and more top end. It's easy to fix disk on front & rear hub motors.This e bike motor will go nearly 600RPM on 48V, also offer this wheel professionally laced into leaf double wall aluminum rims with 12g spokes. Message us for details. 20", 24", 26", 27.5"(650B), 700c, 28", 29inch sizes are available.
500W/750W/1000W Casted Hub Motor For Electric Bike
14-16-18inch-hub-motors Three types of hub motors are used to install on electric bicycles, tricycles, electric scooters.
Front motors are fit for standard 100 mm front forks and rear motors are fit for standard 135 mm rear forks.
Size: 14" 16" 18" 20" inch casted wheel
20" 24" 26" 27.5" 700c 28" 29 inch spoke wheel
Voltage:36V/48V DC
Output Power:500W/750W/1000W/1500W
Motor type: brushless gearless Low Noise
Safer , Longer-life.. Electric bike battery for e-bike
li-ion-battery The safest and fastest growing lithium battery (LiIon) system for electric bike / bicycle  applications, offers high-energy density and low weight.It's a kind of rechargeable battery, no memory effect.The three primary functional components of a lithium-ion battery are the negative electrode, positive electrode, and the electrolyte. The negative electrode of a conventional lithium-ion cell is made from carbon. The positive electrode is a metal oxide, and the electrolyte is a lithium salt in an organic solvent. The electrochemical roles of the electrodes change between anode and cathode, depending on the direction of current flow through the cell. The most commercially popular negative electrode material is graphite. The positive electrode is generally one of three materials: a layered oxide, a polyanion, or a spinel.